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About this Server

These pages have been moved back onto the Alpha. It is a Dec AlphaStation 200 4/233 running NetBSD/alpha. The alpha's last drive sort of, well, died. I have been having poor luck with the whole drive thing this year, and that was no exception. The drive has been replaced with a couple of Barracuda's, which turned out to be SCA -- a story in and of itself. Of course the story is not even interesting enough to show up on this page.

Perhaps I should take pictures of it, but the time and desire have eluded me. I am sure that I'll get around to it at some point. The previous stated reason for not taking any pictures, the beigeness quotient has been eradicated. The spray paint emerged from its hiding place in my closet, not that there is any reason why I might want to hide spray paint -- after all there are plenty of perfectly legitimate uses of spray paint, it's not like I am some sort of random vandal or something -- it was just in the closet for no reason, and there isn't any reason that I defaulted to the word ``hiding'', and the computer was doused with liberal quantities of matte black and not so liberal quantities of dark red (glossy, not matte). In the not too distant future, when I have access to a digital camera or an old fashioned camera, I will take a few shots of the beast and throw them onto this page.

Here is a bit more of a description of it if you are interested:

  • Dec Alpha 21064A (233 MHz)
  • 96M RAM
  • NCR 53c810 Fast SCSI-2 interface (builtin)
  • an old 100 Meg drive (Maxtor) with the kernel on it
  • Adaptec 2940UW Ultra Wide SCSI-3 interface
  • Four 2 Gig Seagate Barracudas (Fast Wide, Ultra Wide) (striped)
  • One 4 Gig Seagate Barracudas (Fast Wide)
  • an onboard DEC 21040 ethernet deal
  • #9 Graphics? Certainly S3-based.
  • Prometheus Aria 16 sound card
  • HP C1503a DDS-1 Drive
  • A useless floppy drive...