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Mabelode Loses Power Supply, Right to Life

The Disaster

So, all of you have probably noticed that there have been some recent disturbances in things. I realise that this has been annoying for all concerned. The problems began when [the old] mabelode's power-supply basically decided that it was not up for its proletarian role in life. And with this open rebellion at hand, I had no alternative but hire a scab work force. The [new] mabelode is now a cobalt raq2 located in Manhattan, right across the room from me.

How will We go forward

Well, for now, the new mabelode contains the best directions that I can give on such short notice. You'll see them when you log in, unless you have a ~/.hushlogin in which case you can circumvent that by typing

$ cat /etc/motd

That's all for now.